About Rewind Music Production

Originally from the UK, we are ‘Rewind Music Production’ based in Alicante Spain. We also have a smaller Studio in the Docklands, London.
As a new independent company, we are currently looking for fresh new artists for whom we can write, record and release top quality music.

We aim to prepare potential artists for this fast-moving business with all-round industry-standard levels. We can turn your demo into an all platform accepting track, or create songs for you from scratch.
We have a roster of artists whom we are currently working with, imminent release dates pending. R.M.P specialise in Rnb, Hip Hop, Trap, Reggaeton and Disco.  Other genres can be outsourced to other producers and writers with whom we work, as they also come under the R.M.P banner.

Best of all, we have a direct A&R connection with someone from a major label, who is monitoring what we release to view the reception from the public, What a  positive anchor to have the eyes and ears of such a heavyweight international company behind us.

R.M.P will record mix and master songs which will then be placed on all reputable streaming platforms.
R.M.P hopes you enjoy the journey we are about to take you on.

Music Production